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DJ of the Day (0027): Soloman

Man By Day, Gentleman By Night

     That’s right ladies and gentlemen, he may seem like an ordinary lad from the West Midlands, UK, but in reality he works on the side as a DJ and producer for one of the most prominent dubstep groups, Gentlemen’s Club.

   While I first discovered Soloman as an affiliate group member with one of the illest British producers outta Leeds named 50 Carrot, along with Coffi, another filthy UK producer who now kicks it in the sunny state of Florida. I soon realized that Soloman has much more to offer than just the tracks produced by Gentlemen’s Club, since officially coming together in 2013.

    Soloman has made it clear that heavy robotic bass sounds are his preferential way to make dubstep. The Charlotte Sessions sees nothing wrong with that, in fact, we highly encourage the use of the twonkiest robotic sounds unimaginable by man. Just click on .44 Flows over hur. Hear what I’m talking about now? How about this oldie back from 2012? The Run For Cover VIP is absolutely something to fuck with. It sounds weird to call it an oldie but the way things are progressing with electronic music, it’s rare to hear more producers make music like this nowadays. I think most dubstep fans can agree that the genre’s golden years were around 2009 to 2012. But as long as people like Soloman and Getter are still around to make good music, we won’t ever have to worry about dubstep dying. 

     Did I mention he’s a sick live DJ too? I mean, he is the DJ of the Day, so we’ll give him that one. Check out Soloman slay the first 45 minutes of this dope episode of Get Darker.

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–   Zyven

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