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DJ of the Day (0028): Dubloadz

Fight or Flight? This Guy Doesn’t Play Around!

     Folks I don’t know what it is about this crazy, extravagant, unordinary genre called dubstep that steals our attention on the daily. But one thing is for sure, cats like Dubloadz are the reason this “dying genre” (as the naysayers say) is still alive, breathing and kicking at whoever says otherwise.

The Charlotte Sessions first caught on after listening to a few singles off his 2014 EP Fight Music released through British record label, I AM Audio. After discovering our favorite track, a heavy bass medley filled with goofy sounds and noises pulled from a variety of video games called Hoodlum Havoc,” we decided who would fit best as DJ of the Day number 0028. The track is fucking awesome, nuff said.

    The Ringwood, New Jersey producer has been known for his heavy involvement in the dubstep scene, due to his consistent releases with artists such as England’s Trampa, Spain’s Spag Heddy, and Argentinian badass Dabow along with insane remixes of some of classic artists like Datsik and Liquid Stranger. This guy definitely earns the title for DJ of the Day. Keep that shit comin Dubloadz! Check out his newest EP Lost in the Sauce released through Disciple Recordings earlier this December. I think you’ll really, reaaaally like his track “What’s Poppin?”

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–   Zyven


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