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DJ of the Day (0029): DATSIK

     Today’s DJ of the Day is a no brainer.. In fact, why did we wait so long to make Firepower Records exec, DATSIK, our DJ of the Day? Well, our bullshit answer is: timing! We could have made him DJ of the Day when we met him at Imagine Music Festival this summer, or maybe.. wait, we did make his collaborative duo with Bais Haus, EPHWURD our DJs of the Day back in September.. but that was a really long time ago. Let’s recap on some of Datsik’s Wins throughout what we thought has been one of the most exciting years to date, legendary 2015:

     Datsik does a full run of his Ninja Nation Tour with other Firepower Records artists like Bear Grillz, Infuze, ETC! ETC!, TRUTH, and more.. while also making a stop in the Queen City for one hell of a night. 

     His label has seen the release of TONS of new bass and electronic music, from the likes of newer artists like The SoltanALGO, along with other household names like PhaseOne and Spag Heddy.

     He created a new persona, a dance music phenomenom comprised of Datsik himself and another producer named Bais Haus, they called it EPHWURD, while their infectious songs have taken over speakers all across the globe. They played their first set at Insomniac’s Escape Psycho Circus this Halloween.     

  As a matter of fact, after supporting him for 5 years, we finally got to see him play live not once.. but three times! Including his tour stop in Charlotte, and Imagine Music Festival, we also saw the Kelowna native slay a deadly closing set at Baltimore’s Moonrise Music Festival! Check out pictures from that night here.   

 Needless to say, Datsik has been staying busy, and that’s why he’s today’s DJ of the Day!

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–   Zyven


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