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DJ of the Day (0037): Bear Grillz

Bearsy Is Back

     If you went to any of Excision’s recent “Paradox Tour” shows, then you know how badass his two opening artists really are. Figure and Bear Grillz, the heaviest of the heavy and guy who just likes to party and play some magical wubs that’ll wake your ass up in a heart beat if you find yourself lulling around on the dance floor.


     The three recently finished up a two month tour that covered the whole country; with barely any breaks throughout the run, it’s no wonder that our friend BG wanted to take a week off from social media, business, and the daily struggles of being a bear trapped in a human’s body. But today marks his return. In a Twitter statement made last week, Bear said that he would be taking a small vacation with his bear-girlfriend to hit up some state parks in Hawaii. Or the beach — maybe they went to terrorize some beach buffs and steal their beer coolers.

Screenshot (33)

     We’ve been wanting to make him DJ of the Day for a while now. But we wanted to wait for the right opportunity. It’s weird to think that about a year ago I met BG at the merch booth in Charlotte with the sole intentions on asking him to share my blog article with the other DJs. Then he told me who he was .. It was hard to keep my excitement, but he kept things humble and was down to talk to his fans throughout the night so that immediately made me a fan. Not to mention the fact that he had us come shoot the Asheville, Charlotte, and Atlanta shows off the recent tour, so he earned so DJ points for that too.

    Fastforward a year, Bear Grillz has played hundreds of stages across the globe — released plenty of new music to keep the fans happy, like “Babylon” which was made with the intention to raise money for — appeared on Jerry Springer, for some odd reason.

Screenshot (34)     If you consider yourself a big Bear Grillz fan, a fan of the label he produces for, Firepower Records, or even a fan of Dubstep in general but haven’t gotten the chance to listen to Bear Grillz yet, I definitely advise that you keep your eyes — and ears.. open for his new EP to be released two days after 4/20.. so yes, “Mo Honey, Mo Problems” will be released on April 22nd folks. Stay tuned. And Bear Grillz, congrats on being our DJ of the Day, we here at The Charlotte Sessions really, really do appreciate what you do for fans and the dubstep scene. Can’t wait to see what else the future holds for you!

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–   Zyven


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