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DJ of the Day (0038): Slushii

   He’s A Gee

    The internet’s newest electronic music sensation Slushii, has been taking over stages worldwide with his eclectic, fast paced style.

No one knows who Slushii truly is. We can appreciate the Marshmello like tactics, such as timing, quality cover art, remixing the right tracks, and quite possibly one of the coolest logos we’ve ever seen. Slushii is bound to be one of the most talked about producers of 2016. 

      I mean aside from remixing Uber Everywhere, he did his own version of Selena Gomez and Zedd’s collab, I Want You To KnowBut our favorite track by far has to be Kaskade’s DisarmYou remix. His originals are cool though. Very trap-esque. But he can switch up his tone real quick. Listen to this mellow heavy hitter below.

    Who know’s when Slushii plans on making his first live appearance? Will he wear a dope mask like Mello? Will he play behind a screen and hide like the Gorillaz (on some of their live sets)…? This will be a very exciting year for the Slush.

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–   Zyven


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