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DJ of the Day (0039): Lunice

LuckyMe Lunice

     This past weekend northerners and hardcore ravers alike got together in New York for this year’s edition Electric Daisy Carnival NYC; but we’ve got all of our attention focused on the new exciting southern rave festival Shaky Beats. As a matter of fact, one of our favorite performers is set to hit the Ponce de Leon stage this Saturday at 5:30, and we couldn’t be more excited.

     Lunice, otherwise known as half of international collaborative group TNGHT, is finally making his way back to Georgia for an epic performance that will be difficult to follow up last year’s spectacle at Counterpoint Music Festival. We learned from an interview with Complex that Lunice has been developing his own full stage production for three or four years now, and that this year marks its preparation for the 2016 rave world. Considering that last year he was the only DJ to get in front of the booth and play on a tiny little table like a boss.

1 Lunice


      The most enjoyable thing about catching Lunice perform live is the dancing. This guy literally never sits still and while most people would be against their DJ moving away from his or her controller/CDJs, the Montreal producer still manages to get crafty when he isn’t movin’ and groovin’ along with his tunes. His sets comprise of a blend of trap, hiphop, slow spacial beats and sounds that you would never imagine even existed had Lunice not included them in the mix. While his most recent drop on UK record label LuckyMe isn’t quite as moving as others, we still respect the hustle and production behind Look Like. Lunice you will forever be the freakin’ man. These are just a few reasons why we chose this mastermind as our newest DJ of the Day.

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