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DJ of the Day (0042): Major Lazer

     Infamous LA based producer, Diplo, for years now has been known for creating hit tracks such as Express Yourself, Butters Theme, Revolution, and Big Lost, along with production work behind big artists like MIA with her single Paper Planes, and Beyonce’s new track off her album Lemonade “Hold Up,” which was actually collaboratively produced with Vampire Weekend’s front man Ezra Koenig. In 2015 he created a project with Skrillex and named it Jack Ü, since the creation they’ve worked with artists like Aluna George, Justin Bieber, Snails and 2 Chainz. But recently that Random White Dude (who) Be Everywhere has been dabbling in his other musical experiment known as Major Lazer, which comprises of Jamaican born musician Walshy Fire and an OG from Trinidad and Tobago, Jillionaire and Diplo himself.

Major Lazer at Firefly Music Festival
Major Lazer at Firefly Music Festival

     The group has even performed at Havana, Cuba’s first concert in ages, where the country’s short history of concerts in the 21st century only include Audioslave in 2005, and Juanes in 2009. Major Lazer threw down a free concert for a crowd of over 400,000 people, some people even say it pushed half a million. The Caribbean background behind their music helped the year long process that went into to planning this concert.

     They’ve been playing shows all over the world for the past five years. A really inspiring video is their December 2013 show in Jamaica, where artists like Skrillex and Ezra Koenig joined the stage to entertain a crowd of tens of thousands of people who were there to dance to dope electronic music.

     We even saw them in Lollapalooza’s Grant Park back in 2013. Major Lazer vibrations were flowing throughout Michigan Avenue as girls twerked left and right to the outrageously entertaining catalog created by the trio.

    Major Lazer has practically taken over the world with songs like Lean On featuring MØToo Original with Elliphant & Jovi Rockwell, and their ignorant original with 2 Chainz, Bubble Butt. A hit they released 7 months ago has been all over the radio, maybe because a remix video for their beautifully written piece “Light it Up” was added to the official Major Lazer youtube page just days ago.

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