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DJ of the Day (0043): Dubscribe [Japan]

     Discovering new international Dubstep and Trap music is always a beautiful surprise. Today for the first time we’re hearing some fire created by a Japanese producer who goes by the name of Dubscribe. Early last year the producer from Tokyo released his Hyper Galaxy EP on Drum n Bass heavy weight, Downlink’s record label, Uplink Audio. 

     He’s even made appearances on Rottun Recordings which belongs to non other than Dubstep legend, Excision. Last year he released his highly acclaimed Venom EP which even received a special feature on But that’s not all. Recently Dubscribe released his remix of Dodge & Fuski’s collab with 12th Planet “Big Riddim Martian” which is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. This is a very technical producer we’re dealing with here. He pays really close attention to detail and you can hear it in his writing. Listen to the original above, and then his remix and tell us what you think.

    Dubscribe’s new track, Sleeping Madness is a fast paced, trapped out medley that features one of the nastiest drops to cross your brainwaves. Let’s hope you’re not facing maximum overload from this sick track, like we are. That’s just means uncontrollable dancing and moving about, don’t worry, we’re fine. Check out Sleeping Madness, released on OTODAYO Records, below.

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