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DJ of the Day (0044): Ray Volpe (Bipolar EP Feature)

We don’t really need much of a reason to write about one of the most badass producers to come out of the East Coast; in fact, today’s DJ of the Day is a Charlotte hometown hero like past Queen City DJ OTD CrowellWhat else do Ray Volpe and Crowell have in common? They have an arsenal of originally produced pieces of gold which have been played live by the likes of Excision, 12th Planet, Snails, and Shiverz to name a few.

Ray Volpe manages to capture anyone’s attention on just about any track he’s ever produced, and that’s not us bragging or flexing on his music, he’s just that good. His infectious sounds trace all the way back to his Main Event EP with songs like Big Man on Campus VIPwhich only show a glimpse of what Ray is capable of. But that was back in 2013. We read that he’s been twiddling around with production programs since 2010; it’s clear that his experience in making music was driven by his motivation and hard work. Jump forward 4 years and the now 19 year old producer has put out an incredible remix of Spag Heddy and Anna Yvette’s Hide.

He does Dubstep, he does Trap, even Future sometimes, Ray Volpe is not the type of guy to shy away from any genre, he does what he wants with his music. His remix of EH!DE’s track Destroy All Humans received incredible feedback, exactly what it deserved. In return EH!DE remixed one of Ray’s songs off his 2014 follow up EP titled Lion which was released under Jantsen & Dirt Monkey’s record label Kairos Audio. Most of the EP carries a Jamaican/Caribbean theme which really makes you wonder what Ray Volpe’s true angle is.

The truth is, there is no angle, just diversity. He actually makes music which go against his typical genre, very rarely though, under another alias known as Kuso Kurae, which means “Eat Shit” in Japanese. This project serves as Ray’s outlet for his non heavy bass filled tracks, that he’s typically known for.  But then again, good ol’ Dubstep bangers like Mount & Do remind us why we like Ray Volpe’s music so much. His melodic jam By Your Side was remixed by several artists, probably due to it’s insane transitions and the pleasantly catchy nature of the song.

Okay, I think you get it. Ray Volpe is cool, if it wasn’t for EPs like Skull Island which was released on Excision’s Rottun Recordings, or originals like Red Hot and Love Lane would he still be as cool? Yeah probably, because he has so much more under his belt than the few songs and EPs that we’ve mentioned. But we’ll share two more with you, because we love you. His remix for NOAHPLAUSE’s song Runnin (My Mouth), and his song Bad Guys with Mikey Ceasar are two other good examples of some of the heavy hitting action that comes from Ray Volpe’s catalog of relentless bangers.

Last but not least, is some pretty big recent news about our DJ of the Day. If we’ve turned you into a Ray Volpe fan by now, then you’ll be dying to hear his new single of his 2016 EP, Bipolar. The song puts you in the slight feels, but it’s going to be cool to see what else Ray has planned for this project as he is set to release a new track off the EP once a week until it’s full release. Here is a mini mix reel for the EP, listen closely because he plays another new track that isn’t on the five song EP, and something that sounds like a Ray Volpe remix of Zomboy’s Like A Bitch. Or it could have just been an edit, either way Enjoy 🙂

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