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DJ of the Day 0045 KTRL – Guess Who

     As we were listening to Disciple Records Artist Station on Soundcloud, we discovered an insane single by a Chicago producer who allegedly hasn’t been putting out much music lately. The craft behind the new single “Guess Who” is a piece created to show the progress that KTRL has made in his absence of the online music realm. The tagline of the song describes how KTRL has been going through personal issues which have held him back from releasing insane singles like Guess Who.
     While a lot of the Windy City producer’s previous tracks display a sense of mesmerizing deep house vibes, the new single itself is nothing of the sorts. The combination of the high pitch female vocal sounds a long with a dirty selection of snares quickly turns into a heavy a dubstep banger that will blow you away. This song is nothing short of being incredible. Right before the drop you can hear a guy shouting “Guess Who’s Back With The Bass,” the string of words sounds as if it was being beatboxed.

     It’s kind of hard to describe all of the elements of this song. Listen to Guess Who below and tell us what you think. Drop us and KTRL Tweet at @CLTSessions and @KtrlyourMind and let us know what you think about his comeback track.

     However if you’re not quite the Dubstep fan, and you prefer House music instead, we won’t judge. KTRL has a quite a few of these under his belt, like this single released on Captivation Records called BounceHe also has a few releases through Buygore, the infamous record label started by Dubstep Antihero, Borgore. This collab with Space Race is a good example of some of KTRL’s capabilities as a producer. We can also dig Future Bass track he has with Zvnex called Future Woes. The point is, KTRL is sick, and he has a lot of music under his belt, we suggest you explore this artist and his collection of singles, he’s not someone you want to discover a year from now, he’s someone that you want to ride with from the beginning.


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