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[DJ of the Day 0051] Nasko

     While haphazardly scrolling throughout the internet searching for new Dion Timmer music, we stumbled across a firey, saucey, FILTHY Dubstep track. What caught our attention was the strange filter overlaying on vocals that beautifully accompany this wonky track. Electric guitar sounds blend in with oddly pitched piano keys, all mixed together with energizing and remarkable wobbles truly make for one incredible track.

     The producer goes by the name of NaskoHe comes from the same nation as Firepower Records producer Bukez Finezt and Disciple Records’ very own Virtual Riot. If you’re not familiar with Bukez, can you guess where? Yes! The answer is Germany. After exploring this artists’ soundcloud page, we’ve come the conclusion that Nasko is all about the bass. While his track “Insidious” (posted below) heavily caught our attention, other tracks such as his collab with Extra Terra, “Origins” and a bonkers track made with Kaynein called “Habits” really stuck out to us as well. We’re excited to explore Nasko’s projects like his Haunted EP, co-produced wth Uruguayan animal, Zikieland the many, MANY releases that make up his fire Soundcloud playlist. Take the time to explore Nasko, Today!

BONUS: Check out Nasko’s track Dragonborn Here!


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