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DJ of the Day (0052): SQUNTO

     As Saturday dawns upon us, the infamous Bass Dragon is ready to set flight towards Charlotte; we decided it would be best to name the mega chop icon SQUNTO, as our DJ of the Day. Eric Roth, a native from Holliston, Massachusetts has been producing under the name of SQUNTO for a few years now. While SQUNTO typically dwells in the underground world of raw, pure, raunchy Bass Music, several of his tracks have gained so much attention to have received praised from incredible producers like Trampa and Excision.

SQUNTO is well known for his unique and powerful chopping skills going so far as to blend 24 song drops into one GIANT. MEGA. Drop. He uses this contraption of his own design using a camera that captures every transition seamlessly and amazingly. SQUNTO is not one to produce just one style of music. While he’s traditionally known to be a Dubstep proudcer, in the past SQUNTO has created a Bass House hit called “Flow is A,” in addition he has teamed up with Kannibalen Records aritst, Kai Wachi, to make a new Trap single called “Brain Splat.” But some of his most notable heavy hitter bangers include “Sayim” “HMD” and “Wall of Death.”

 When the mighty dragon is not making music he spends his time making vlogs and interacting with his fans. In these vlogs he talks about what’s going on behind the scenes of the music world and his own life, his aspirations on what’s next, and even valuable tools to cope with everyday issues such as anxiety and depression. For someone who drops beats as filthy as SQUNTO, his personality is actually quite a peaceful one. Every show is a unique experience and that’s why we hail SQUNTO as DJ of The Day.

Laser MegaChop – 24 songs in 3 drops

Laser MegaChop – 24 songs in 3 drops

Posted by SQUNTO on Tuesday, January 31, 2017

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