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DJ of the Day 0053: Emilian Wonk // Argentina

     Can you name 10 Dubstep producers from South America off the dome? Get back to us on that, for now let’s focus on what’s important. One of Argentina’s leading Dubstep producers goes by the name of Emilian Wonk. He’s covered in tattoos from head to toe, he sports long brown and occasionally random colored dreads longer than Ill.Gates’, and he makes really fire Bass Music. From filthy Spanish Grime to some of the most innovative Riddim on the internet and consistent bi-weekly uploads on Soundcloud, we can’t deny that Emilian Wonk is years ahead of his time. Let’s break down the intriguing world of the 20 year old super producer from Córdoba.

Shot by Fat Bass Club

    Argentina is a large country, the fourth largest nation in Latin America as a matter of fact. Yet in a country with over 43 million people, only a select few have delved into the world of Dubstep; that is, Emilian Wonk and his group of friends who make up the Phenethylamine group. Phenethylamine is a Dubstep and Drum and Bass collective based out of Argentina, where young Emiliano is considered to be one of the founders. One thing that is certain about the crew is their deep love for Riddim. A few of the Argentinan based producers include Grym, Le MuffYatzua, and Bitcoin. Their roster even reaches corners of the US with Chicago’s very own Empath, and and Ft. Lauderdale’s Presoak. Let’s not forget London’s very own Invaderbeatz. This group is insanely huge.

     As mentioned before, Emilian Wonk comes from a the second largest city in Argentina, it’s called Córdoba, and if you look up images, you can tell he lives in a truly special city. But in a country filled with so much violence and injustice (as found in many nations in Latin America) you can imagine why these guys like escaping their reality through Dubstep. Maybe we’re wrong, making Bass Music is simply fun, but everyone has their own reasons behind getting into the production game, and Emilian’s motives are clear: to get the crowd jumpin’ and head banging no matter where they’re listening from.

     Emilian’s music could easily be described as “Out of This World.” While tracks like Things Got Weird VIP with Krimma, a self produced work called Worm Hole and another one produced with UK animal Vermin titled Majin Buu display the stranger side of the Argentinian’s production. Make sure to check out his EP “Alien Genius.” But then we have tracks like Triplet Threats with IVORY and Technology w/ MED and Monxx, that show how hard Emilian can go.

   On the other hand Ego Death displays his tasted in Drum n Bass, a genre that Emilian is totally capable of handling. He’s even down to make Jump-Up tunes! Check out Funny Moments if this is your style of Bass Music.

     Emilian Wonk also has a vast collection of collaborations with some extremely notable producers. One of our favorites is a track coproduced with Brussels’ very own Grizzstep called $alope. It’s quirky and hard as f*ck at the same time. That’s a key tactic that Emilian Wonk has mastered in the many years he’s been producing music. Another popular song is his collab with Israeli Riddim master, Martz, which features the sounds of a very familiar Nintendo character that most of you either deeply hate, or have a yearning, relentless passion for his existence. It’s Yoshi (Listen to Game Boy here.) They even dropped a new collab called Riddim Gang. We’re also huge fans of his track with Philly’s very own Subtronics called Shredder. This bass bomb shows off Emilian’s Riddim skills perfectly.

     Let’s not forget the fact that Emilian is also a top notch DJ. When it comes to showing off your talents live, proving everyone that you’re more than just a producer, Emilian Wonk knows exactly what to do. He even coordinates a Rave series called AREA 51 Sub Party, local in Cordoba where he pulls the best Bass Music artists in Argentina to show off their talents. The chop lord has a few incredible sets recorded. Watch Emilian pop off in the video below.

       Emilian is also part of the AKATSUKI Chop Music crew, which is a HUGE collective of Riddim producers from all ends of the earth. This crew includes the likes of LV, Ayonikz, CHMST, Kozik, Seno, YUKI, and many more. These guys are big fans of Japanese culture, and Ninjas to say the least. Their music is all incredibly insane, and something to definitely explore if you have not yet heard of AKATSUKI.
Shot by Alan Vega and Fat Bass Club
       Back when Emilian only had 3,000 followers, he dropped a project Co-produced with non other than FlaxDubz. The two have very unique styles. And when they come together to work on music, magic happens. Check out WONK TOWN, Here. It’s the epitome of Wonk and it uses a filthy Biggie vocal sample. If we wrote about every single Emilian Wonk release in existence, we would be sitting here for a week. The dude is nothing short of a genius. We also really like his recent Grime release Blunt Wrap which features a deep, dark, mysterious rap verse that’s definitely worth listening to, just make sure to bust out a Backwoods.

    Lastly, we have two incredible alter egos: LOUD PHONK which is designed to showcase Emilian’s Hip Hop production style, check out “Dollars” here. He also has a super collab between non-other than Monxx and Emilian himself called The Wonk BrozTheir initial collab is actually ironically also called Wonk Town; but the two recently just dropped their newest collab together called Carnage, which is interesting to say the least. Do yourself a favor. Check out what else Emilian Wonk has to offer. He’s not going anywhere and he’s only getting better.

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