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DJ of the Day 46 – EPTIC

     The show is just days away. Oh what show? Well some lovely Charlotte promoters decided to band together to bring the Never Say Die Tour to the Queen City this Saturday. Which means that we’re all doomed. Michaël Bella is a young producer from Waasmunster, Belgium who has added quite a lot of excitement to the infamous Never Say Die record label with his explosive sound.

     When he’s dropping huge tracks, supported by every big Dubstep name in the industry, in front of hundreds and thousands of headbangin’ bass slayas, Michaël instantly becomes his alter ego, EPTIC.


A brief history report on Eptic’s musical career:

Jan. 2011 – Eptic Obey (Off the OBEY EP, Chronos Records)

Mar. 2011 – Eptic Fools (Off The Farmville EP, Chronos Records)

OCT. 2011EPTIC EP (Chronos Records).. Favorite Tune? Stick Up.

MAR. 2012Like A Boss EP (Never Say Die Records). Favorite Tune? Oh Snap.

AUG. 2012Slime City / Trouble EP (Never Say Die Records)

SEP. 2012 – Excision & Datsik 8 Bit Super Hero (EPTIC Remix)

APR. 2013 – EPTIC Gutter (Never Say Die VOL. 2)

MAY. 2013Mastermind EP (Never Say Die Records) Favorite Tune? Bust Em Out

NOV. 2013DOOM EP – (NSD Recrods) Favorite Tune? Watch Yo Back

MAY. 2014Brainstorm (NSD Records)

JUL. 2014 Barely Alive – Sell Your Soul (EPTIC Remix, Disciple Recordings)

AUG. 2014 – Fedde Le Grande “Twisted” (EPTIC Remix, Flamingo Recordings)

OCT. 2014THE END EP (NSD Records) Favorite Tune? She.

JUN. 2015IMMORTAL EP (NSD Records) Favorite Tune? Ectoplasm Ft. Must Die!

JAN. 2016Kill Them All (Never Say Die Records)

APR. 2016 – Jauz & EPTIC Get Down (Spinnin’ Records)

JUN. 2016OVERLORD EP (NSD Records) – Favorite Chune?

What was your favorite Eptic tune? There’s no doubting that the lad has been consistently working for the past 5 years; see where it’s landed him?

We hope to see you all at Amos’ Southend this Saturday to catch him LIVE 🙂


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