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DJ of the Day 47: UBER

     Following a perfect number of 420 artists on Soundcloud, Fountain Valley’s very own Uber has a sense of humor (and obvious love for the finer things) that matches his great production skills. A few weeks ago he dropped an incredible new EP titled Planet Riddim on the 40OZ Cult Soundcloud page. It’s filled with heavy bass drops and funky new creative sounds; his track Stay Turnt with Canadian producer Walter Wilde and that new new with HE$H titled Stolen Gucci absolutely blew us away. But we want to talk about a particular track that stole all of our attention today. 

     As you listen to the playlist for this super intense rave set for the end of November in Atlanta (Uber is performing FYI), titled Adventures Through the Multiverse (A Rick and Morty Experience) playlist, you pretty much get a taste of different artists’ styles of riddim and dubstep; they hit listeners with drop after drop after impending drops. Before we knew it, Uber’s track Bad Drip was playing and holy sh*t is that song mind capturing. Not quite sure how we missed this one; but one thing is certain about Bad Drip, no matter what you were listening to beforehand, this song will have you groovin’ then headbanging in the matter of seconds. Check out Bad Drip below.

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