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DJ of the Day 48: BLeep BLooP

The Beyond-Earth Child is Among Us. 

     Ladies and gentlemen tonight is finally the night. The night were extraterrestrial producer Bleep Bloop finally lands in the Queen City to play us some out of this world beats. Birthed by his Martian parents as Aaron Triggs, the young producer was beamed down to San Francisco to spread his musical genius throughout this strange planet called Earth.

      Since his landing, Bleep Bloop has made tremendous steps towards becoming the ultimate Space producer. From creating his 10,000 Watt Lazers EP to linking up with his mentor DJ Shadow and creating master pieces like Blast OffBleep Bloop has kept himself busy learning new techniques and adding different elements to his production style.

     He even linked up with Australian artist Zeke Beats to create this bad boy called Mars AttackOther notable singles made by the Space alien include Rearview Mirrorsa collab with Yheti Pachyderm, Oceans of the Solar Heartand a personal favorite called HovercraftAnother artist in the industry who carries a similar style to Bleep Bloop’s is a gentleman who goes by the name of G Jones. He’s and absolutely mastermind, and the two have an EP together which caught a lot of attention in the electronic music community.

     Best of all, Bleep Bloop recently released both a new mixtape titled the Pentocular Mixtape which features several new singles and collabs made by the creator himself, along with a brand new, mindbending EP titled The Ep With Five Eyes. We can’t wait to experience Bleep Bloop Live tonight in Charlotte at the Neighborhood Theater along with the one and only Liquid Stranger.

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