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[DJ of the Day] Doing Awesome Backflips

     It wasn’t too long ago that I met a guy named Miles at this year’s special Basscenter X event held in Hampton, Virginia. As the weekend came to an end, the parties got more intense and mingling became an absolute priority. After setting up what had to be one of the most legendary last minute pool parties of all time at the Embassy Suites, around 6:30 in the morning, I was introduced to this goofy looking dude with a mustache, but he was wearing a gold Ganja White Night shirt so I knew he had to be an awesome guy. After a brief conversation we exchanged information and that was that; until our paths crossed again at a 10th story presidential suite party around 3 in the morning on Monday. At that point I knew we were meant to be friends.

     He goes by Doing Awesome Backflips, which is probably one of the funniest and catchiest producer names I’ve ever heard. The guy has been producing for several years, and DJing shows even longer than that. He’s sent me over a few songs that he’s working on that sounded pretty nice, but what truly caught my attention was the production work behind his 2017 Pastel EP.
     The three tracked EP features a wide variety of sounds that draw you into a musical haven within seconds of playing the first track, which shares the same title as the EP. Slow guitar notes are joined by intricate synths and other indescribable sounds. The following track, “Tomorrow’s and Yesterdays” reminds me of being in one of the many paradise locations that Sonic the Hedgehog completely fucks up as he’s being chased by some random enemy. For the record, the feeling comes into play at the start of the game before the whole world gets destroyed by Sonic’s enemies. Make sense? The final track, “Wake Up” is by far the sauciest and most energetic chune off this EP. What starts off as a melodic hymn with high frequency sounds and xylophone pings quickly turns into a Trap banger. If I knew how to produce, I would have added in some random vocals or samples from old TV shows and movies. But maybe that’s because I’m a dubstep snob and that’s what I’m used to. Overall, this Pastel EP is a must, especially if you live on the East Coast and want to support someone from home.

Also, be sure to check out DAB’s most recent tracks which include an original melodic-trap banger called Arrival: 

And a brand new remix of Portugal’s very own Keratus and vocalist Carolina Deslandes:


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–   Zyven

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