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[DJ of the Day] ENIMPA

     It was Saturday afternoon, and while we don’t condone driving and texting, I was bored out of my mind which led to endless moments of scrolling through Facebook. You know how it goes. After a good 15 minutes we stumbled upon a post on the Riddim page by non other than 5ohman, an absolute monster of a producer from Belgium. The post was basically asking “Who has the best flow in Riddim.”
     After reading through the comments we kept seeing OG names pop up, artists like AD, Infekt, Akira, Benzmixer, Styn, etc. But one unfamiliar name kept popping up: Enimpa.  What a peculiar name! Here I was thinking to myself, what the hell is an Enimpa? 3 songs into his SoundCloud collection and I became an immediate fan.

     Enimpa has that chop, drop, pop and occasionally Lock flow that we were looking for. He definitely more towards the Riddim side of the bass music scene. So far we’ve heard nasty remixes to Subfiltronik’s Passout and Blockz, along with CHMST’s single Riddim of the Night, and an even nastier remix of Plazid’s Where is my Riddem. Oh and who can forget his remix of JAM P R D’s hit Planet Earth single.
     One of our favorite singles by this madman is Flashback. But we have so many more. Bounce is a serious display of what Enimpa is capable of. Critterz is a collab made with O.D. Filthy as a college kid’s kitchen floor. Parabolic Phaze 2025 is super tight, as is Ancient Wave. His list of collabs goes on and on, but some of the more notable ones are Pride Riddim with ValkGloomy made hand in hand with Cross Dubz, and MK Ultra with MoeThe list goes on. But one thing is certain about Enimpa. This guy’s flow is out of this world. Click Here to give Enimpa a Like on Facebook! Support growing Riddim artists.

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–   Zyven

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