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DJ of the Day (0036): Phiso

     It’d be crazy not to recognize one of the most played dubstep artists of 2016. The likes and talents of this allegedly young producer have been recognized by some of the craziest names in Dubstep like Excision, FuntCase, Dubloadz, Datsik and more.

     But we’re not giving Phiso the title of DJ of the Day solely because of his hit Jotaro, which has been teasing the internet for months now, until its recent release in late March via SMOG Records’ new EP, Battle Royale Vol. 2. He’s just simply been known to tease the internet with short clips of insane sounding tracks that all somewhat resemble what robots fighting each other on acid would sound like; so badass that it gives everyone just enough of a reason to rip his music off Soundcloud and add it in their live sets. Watch Funtcase drop “Jotaro” below.

     We promise you; if you’ve been to a good rave in the past 365 Days you HAVE heard a Phiso song. We’ll even give him some credit for his dope four track EP released on Excision’s Rottun Recordings last September titled Wasteland. Can’t wait to see when he decides to pop out of that Canadian computer screen and play some of this loud noise live.

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