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DJ Of the Day: Sketchy Pete

Let Me Tell You About Sketchy Pete

   Peter Noowin, also known as that dude Sketchy Pete, is a native from the DC area, who has now become one of Northern Virginia’s biggest up and coming acts. He’s performed at several festivals like Big Dub, Event Horizon, and Nightmare, as well as many events from one of the DMV’s leading promoters, Steez Promo, such “The Takeover” with Tre Justice, and recently he opened for the Colorado legend, Dirt Monkey, at Soundcheck DC. It wouldn’t surprise me if you’ve caught this man performing at some random rave on the East Coast. Pete has brought a new flavor to the world of bass music, and it is quite refreshing.

Sketchy Pete has been putting out mixes on his SoundCloud page for a few years now. Some of the best ones includes “The Sketchiest Mixes,” “If My Name Was Lorin” and “Night of the Living Funk.” If you need something fun to listen to while doing homework, cooking dinner, driving to your homies’ crib, or simply just to enjoy something refreshing for you ears, then you should probably click the play button below!

  It makes sense that the guy has such a unique taste in track selection, when his musical taste ranges from Bassnectar, A Tribe Called Quest, Rage Against the Machine and Lil Wayne. His very first release “The Great Wave” dropped about a month ago on The Gradient Perspective. This new tune uses a beautiful soft moving melodic lines, guitar, saxophone, pulsing synths, bumping bass lines, a little distortion, and a lot of energy, I feel that Sketchy Pete made the right choice in naming this song “The Great Wave.”

   No wonder this new track hit over 1000 plays in under a month. Sketchy Pete has worked hard on growing his following – whether it’s fans or friends. He constantly keeps in touch with the fans he makes at his shows through his group “Another Sketchy Group” on Facebook. So if you’d like to check stay up to date with Sketchy Pete, click on his Facebook Page Here. By the way, don’t worry about Sketchy Pete stealing your booze! He’s not that sketchy, he just can’t land any clean skate tricks (kidding). Keep up the good work Peter, we can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us!

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