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DJs of the Day 0055: Chodegang

 The past year has seen a huge rise in the “Riddim scene” as more and more Bass music artists start practicing this intricate style of Dubstep. Artists that lead this scene include the likes of Crowell, Infekt, Subfiltronik, Benzmixer, Da Force and too many more to name.

     Last fall saw the creation of a phenomenon that no one saw coming. A crew from LA threw on some Lit emoji masks and started DJing Riddim music. If you’re familiar with Disciple Records, then you know all about Dubloadz, Virtual Riot, and Barely Alive. These guys are without a doubt some of the top tier producers in Dubstep music. Dubloadz is from New Jersey, Barely Alive are from Massachusetts, and Virtual Riot is from Germany. Well, as many of you know, the Disciple boys formed the trio known as Chodegang, the dastardly.

   The three made their first appearance together as the infamous Chodegang creator w at Webster Hall in New York City back in January. From that moment on, the trio has skyrocketed beyond belief. Each of the three artists have countless of hit singles and EPs that have shaped and morphed their careers in a direction that they probably never expected. And the best part is that they’re constantly playing shows and music festivals around the world. Their latest performance is taking place at Dreamscape Music Festival in Darlington, Maryland on June 3rd. This set is bound to break necks.

Photo Shot by Treevalds Productions

They have a small catalog of online releases. For months they were rocking two songs on their SoundCloud, “Boy Were They Wrong” and “Its Chodegang Motherfucker.” Both of them are absolute Bangers in their own way. Boy Were they Wrong features an array of strange sounds and several familiar Riddim associated vocal drops like “Yada Yada Dazee” and “Ha Huh He Huh” (Shout outs to Phiso and Crowell). Recently they dropped their first remix, which oddly enough was of Skrillex’ single “Ruffneck.” Check it out below and hear the madness for yourself.


Big ups on all the success Chodegang. We can’t wait to see what you have in store for the world this second half of the year.

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