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DJs of the Day (0024 & 0025): BadKlaat & Megalodon


     Today we’re bringing you a collision of two master Dubstep fiends who have stopped at nothing to make waves in the bass music scene throughout 2015. Let’s take you through a short play by play on some of the big moves made by our DJs of the Day during the most “Lit” year of the millennium.


    Time for numbah 24! That was a shout out to all the 90s Kids who also invested too much time watching Kids Next Door back in the day. Back to our first DJ of the Day, Badklaat. This monster from the UK has had several releases on Never Say Die’s Black Label, one of them being a wobble packed step-by-step guide on to to properly make rhythm, Riddim Tutorial. On Halloween he shared the stage with many other deadly producers such as Truth, Bommer, Araabmuzik, J Phelpz, and our following DJ of the Day, to tear down the city of Chicago during the Midwest Freakfest “Freak Show.” A few days ago he teamed up with another frequent Never Say Die DJ, Trampa, also an earlier Charlotte Sessions DJ of the Day, to bring forth a surge of energy packed into 5 minute and 57 second MP3 called “Just Like Me.” Check out the banger below.


     Aside from being one of the most terrorizing creatures to have crept the ocean millions of years ago, this name has been passed down to now, one of the most terrorizing DJs in the world of Dubstep. On 4/20 he dropped a massive EP on Never Say Die’s Black Label called “Digital.” Then in July he released an appropriately titled EP known to the good people of the internet as Shark Week.” And two months ago, this Los Angeles born DJ shared his most recent EP “Encounters” on Never Say Die Records; it carries a slightly lighter tone than most of his previous work, but we still dig it. Check out our favorite track off the EP below.

    Earlier this year one of our past DJs of the Day, Barron, did a heavy set collab with Megalodon called Hypnotist. Here’s to you Jordan Roache, may you forever rest in peace. Hopefully Megalodon will head in Charlotte’s direction soon to play this bad boy live.

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