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DJs of the Day (0034): Mantis


So Atlanta has always been a hub for industry breaking musicians, we all know how much of an influence Outkast, Killer Mike, Future, and The Ying Yang Twins have had in the rap scene; we know that Atlanta houses some of the most insane producers as well, like Zaytoven and TM 88; we even know that ATL bred some sick rock bands like Family Force 5 and Stokeswood. But now it’s time to recognize one of the largest party cities in the East Coast for their electronic and bass music scene; with names like Leah Culver, Must Die, Riven, and Le Castle Vania, it’s no wonder that this duo fits in well with the mix. They go by Mantis, but their close friends know them as Paul and Taylor. 

     It’s always great to see a group of hard working musicians make it in the scene. From slaying multiple stages in Australia, an ill show music festival in Germany, to intense live performances in random spots like Troy, New Jersey and Peers, Canada, these guys have played EVERYWHERE.

     Mantis is a force to be reckoned when bringing up heavy dubstep in a casual rave convo. Drop the name Mantis on someone to test their bass taste. If you’ve ever seen them play live then you know they’re all about that “playing heavy guitar and drum rock music and mash it up with dubstep lyfe.” Here’s one of our favorite Mantis tracks titled Block Rocka.

Mantis 2


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