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DJs of The Day 0054: DYS // Clemson


    The Carolinas are known for a lot more than just tobacco, solid beer, pretty mountains, gorgeous beaches, and most certainly our women. We’re also known for our rapid growth in the Bass and Dance Music market, partly due to the aspiring musicians that work diligently trying to put North and South Carolina on the map. Whether they’re natives from Charlotte, Greenville, Asheville, or Columbia, without the likes of these hard working producers and DJs, our states’ EDM scene would be struggling. One of these of the talented acts consists of a duo stemming from Clemson, South Carolina who truly want to make waves in the scene. We now present you, DYS.

     DYS combines the forces of the Putnam brothers, Joel and Jeremy, two avid electronic music lovers from the Clemson, South Carolina area who have been making steady moves in the production world with the aspirations to one day reach the top. The two have been working on their production skills since 2009. As of late they have remixed popular artists like Illenium, Galantis and rising NC based producer, Cut Rugs. Their remix of Snicka by the young rug cutter recently dropped on ThazDope Records and has gained quite some attention since the release. Most people can’t get over how exciting their remix of Illenium’s Without You truly is. They took a melodic, relaxing track and in a full 360 swoop, turned it into a Drum N Bass banger.
 In the 8 years they’ve been enhancing their music talent, the two have grown a lot from their original style of recording music. Joel said that back in the “We used Logic Pro X as our DAW and started with guitars and drums and a really sh*tty Fostex DMT-8 digital recorder with a Casio synth going through a pedal – haha.” A nice part about the groups understanding of Electronic Music is that they’re fans of just about every subgenre out there. Their inspirations include the likes of Pendulum, RUSH, Skrillex, and Noisia to say the least.

   Fast forward several years later, give the two a DAW they’re comfortable using and now you’ve got their newest, hot single Lazers. At the beginning of the track one can hear a creepy, robotic voice going on about “Lazers and concentrated energy” before a nasty lazer themed drop kicks into action. The tracks uses several different intricate sounds that you would expect of a 2003 Techno track, yet somehow modified to work with the current times. Be careful with how you handle this one!

    We feel it’s important to share some more DYS tracks with you, Such as their old school “All That” themed track that features sounds from the hit early 2000s TV show on Nickelodeon. They even made a nasty remix of Funtcase and Cookie Monsta’s track Atom BombWhile this next one is an early, experimental release, it’s still really tight. Check out DYS remixing the infamous UK electronic band, The Prodigy, on their hit single off the album Fat of the Land, Smack My B*tch Up.

     Since learning to master the craft of live performance, they’ve shared the stage with many artists such as SQUNTO, Space Jesus, Luzcid, and ATLiens. DYS is even putting on a special performance at this week’s SPENT Entertainment event with international superstars Mashd N Kutcher on April 28th at the infamous club Label in our hometown of Charlotte! Support your local scene, and make sure you say hello to Joel and Jeremy and tell them your favorite part of their set!

We’re very excited to see where DYS is heading in the coming years. It only gets better guys. You’ve got our support!

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