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Does DIRTYSNATCHA Love Snakko?


Our City of Oaks hero, Snakko, has been working relentlessly on getting his music heard by as many new ears as possible – and thankfully, his persevering attitude landed him the attention of one of the hardest working producers and label owners in the Underground Bass scene, the don, DirtySnatcha. Just a few short months ago, the UK based artist released his own version of Childish Gambino’sThis is America” (Watch the Music Video Here) except in this twisted Bass rockin’, shoulder poppin’ haven that we call life, we rather commemorate the wonderful genre of Dubstep, instead of America. Without a doubt in the world, Snakko took it upon himself to craft his own remix of “This is Dubstep“, and I’m extremely happy that he did. It almost feels like Snakko took a journey to a reptile sanctuary, studied the sounds of the various creatures that he encountered, and turned them into the key components that buffed out his remix of DirtySnatcha’s new tune. Talk about filth! Make sure you smash that play button below to enjoy some seriously dank Bass heavy vibes. (Also, Grab the FREE DOWNLOAD).

 My friends, I feel like it would be a dishonor to the man Snakko if I didn’t share his most recent creation for Dead Cell Audio’s2 Spooky VOL: 1” compilation album. Beware, this creepy new tune known as “The Dark Passenger” has a special crunchy factor that pushes serious government instilled boundaries – if played at the right time of day, and at the perfect frequency, you may be able to communicate with the intergalactic visitors that roam among us in this mysterious planet. Keep up the great work Snakko!

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Who needs a Snakk?

– Zyven

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