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DOPA Records Calls Forth the Aliens with Spicy New Single by GRYM

 I’m not quite sure how the US military hasn’t gotten a hold of the newest bass cannon crafted by none other than Argentina’s very own GRYM. It’s been less than two weeks since the new Riddim collective SERPENTS announced their arrival in this ever growing scene that we call Underground Bass music, and the amount of work that each member has been putting in has been outstanding. I’m certainly glad to see the likes of Kentucky’s Tantrum recruiting heavy hitters like GRYM, and Artix! from Argentina, Kleaver from Chicago, and Perth’s Flick to join this new collective. Leave it to GRYM to release an absolutely attrocious new monster of a tune for all the hardcore headbangers to enjoy. I’m looking forward to flexing “GAMES” with all my friends at a Riddim show near you… From the filthy Grime like intro, to the wonky lazer packed drop, to the countless alien summoning calls, thius

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