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Downlink DESTROYS Charlotte (Concert Review!)


     Yet another beautiful Friday night in the Queen City; the Chop Shop in NoDa always comes through with the sickest raves and on this particular special evening they brought out Mr. Bass himself, yeah I’m giving Downlink a new nickname. The British Columbia native returned to Charlotte to show the southern Dubstep and Drum n Bass fans alike a really good time; I can vouch for this.

     The lineup for the Blood Sweat and Bass tour was one of a kind. It featured Seattle drummer KJ Sawka and everyone´s favorite Florida boy Drum n Bass DJ, Dieselboy. However.. I have a tendency to show up really late to a show, and unfortunately I missed the bad assitude that was KJ Sawka. If you don´t know yet, KJ Sawka is the drummer for the incredible live ¨bass music band¨ Destroid, which also features Donwlink and Excision behind the funky midi guitars with beat pads.

    In respect to KJ Sawka, who supposedly ¨shut it down¨ when I asked a big sweaty guy about KJ´s set, here is an awesome picture of Destroid, shot by Faded Studios.


    Sadly, I also missed Dieselboy, I know I know, I missed out on probably one of the coolest DnB sets in the Queen City. I remember seeing a Dieselboy poster for a show in Greensboro at some point, and I totally regret not going!

     If you need some nice some fast paced tunes for your next workout, check out Dieselboy´s ¨The Destroyer¨ Mix


    Maybe I just like showing up when the crowd is at its best because when I got to the Chop Shop around 12:45 the venue was packed out. I was excited to see everyone gathering for the beginning of Downlink´s set.

    Like most dubstep producers, Downlink decided to start his show with a few minutes of recorded ¨end of the world¨ type dialogue, ¨From the heavens comes hell¨ said the Hollywood movie voiceover guy that you see in every movie ad ever, and then it all nicely lead into Downlink´s new single with San Francisco electronic Duo, Twofold, called ¨Darkside.¨ You can say I went a little over the edge when I heard Downlink play his first track because I´ve been listening to dubstep since 2010 and among many big name producers like Funtcase, Excision, Datsik and Bassnectar was Downlink.


     I´m still debating on whether or not I should upload my concert videos, I have HUNDREDS. I´m happy to say that this show added a few to my collection. I´m looking back at my videos to see all the cool different tracks that Downlink played, personal ones as well as tracks of other fellow dubstep, bass, trap producers. One song that I managed to catch is called Dukkha by Kai Wachi. Play this before your graduation to feel like the man.


     The Kelowna native shredded through the night on his four deck Pioneer system. It seemed like the crowd kept growing as Downlink played other classics like the oh so heavy The Chopper. I´d be lying if I said my neck didn´t hurt for the next three days after leaving this show. I was head banging harder than anyone at a Slipknot concert; can you blame a guy when you´re exposed to something as crazy as his oldie Factory?  —–

    I don’t think so! Downlink also played other hits like Triphekta, Station Seven, and Crippled Camel.

    Oh and who can forget Rubber Bands.

    Did I mention that Downlink’s visuals were on point the entire night? How many times can you say that you’ve seen a DJ put clips of Naruto and Dragon Ball Z in their visuals? Never, that completely took me by surprise. Indian idols, flashy 70s style patterns, and I swear I remember seeing a trip to mars.. if not, then I was hallucinating from all the bass, and it should definitely be added to the next show.


    Make em bounce, make em make em bounce, bounce, bounce. It was great seeing Downlink step out of the realm that is Uplink Audio, his label, and play some Destroid classics! It’s been two years since the release of their first album The Invasion.  Who knows what the live bass band has in store next!


Overall the show was a blast, even though I missed out on two amazing acts, hopefully I’ll catch KJ Sawka and Dieselboy live sometime soon.

There’s no doubtin miy mind that I’ll be heading to another Downlink show.

To catch Downlink in a city near you, follow him on twitter @Downlinkmusic


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