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DRIPPY, The Riddim Knight of Detroit

I believe it’s really amazing that Instagram has become such a popular platform for people to share their thoughts and opinions nowadays. While there’s still a lot of swimsuit models and influences running the game, I have a lot of respect for the producers and musicians who use the San Francisco bred app to share their art. Today I came across a post from an artist from the the beautiful state of Michigan who goes by the name of Drippy that caused some interest in my brain. It was his first year uploading his music on Spotify and he was showing how proud he was of everything that he had accomplished on this underrated platform for streaming music. So I decided to go over to his SoundCloud since I don’t have Spotify Premium and check out what he’s been working on. To be fair, the only thing I really knew about this Detroit natives was that he went on tour with Charlotte legend, Crowell, and he created an insane collaboration with Brazil’s Saigga called “Pots N Pans.”

After only banging out a few of the tunes that make up his extensive collection of self made and collaborative projects, it’s safe to say that Drippy has quite the talent for creating quality, ferocious Riddim and Dubstep.

The first tune that I would like to share with all of you is called “Spyware.” It’s at the top of his Top Tracks list, so its rather hard to miss. But once you hit that play button, you’ll be finding yourself repeatedly jamming out to this hacker’s delight. This tune literally makes me feel like my body is getting taken over by an array of evil codes and algorithms that somehow send my body into a full on spiral of hectic Riddim shock. If you’re obsessed with this peculiar genre as much as I am, then you’re about to go absolutely insane for “Spyware.”

There are so many badass tunes to pick from, but I wanted to share something that’s a little more on the technical and robotic side of what you’re used to hearing in a typical Dubstep tune. I’m not really sure how I would feel about discovering a pony with a mega powerful laser attached to the end of each of its corneas – but I can definitely get down with the idea of letting this pony roam around the streets if it made all these strange sounds each time it used its mechanical weapons of pure destruction. Smash that play button on “Laser Pony” whenever you’re ready to party.

While I don’t really like to compare artists to one another, I found a tune that definitely carries a little bit of that Bukez Finezt flow that has inspired so many prominent producers from across the globe. “Splashin’ Happy” is crafty. It’s fun. But most importantly, its the true definition of EXTREME WONK. Grab floaties in case you splash a little too happy tonight.

Last but not least, here’s “Interior Crocodile Alligator” as a well deserved bonus, because I love you all.

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– Zyven

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