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Dubloadz Chases a New Sound on “Salt” and “Pepper”

 I never thought that I would see the day where anything created by the Jersey based dingus who goes by the name of Dubloadz, would motivate me enough to want to write an article on him. Throughout the mini three show run that we put together with Dave, which took place Atlanta, Charlotte and Providence, I found myself putting up with his terrible attitude as I reached deep into my pockets just to witness the same set, track by track in three different states. But recently I discovered two filthy tunes by Dubloadz that thoroughly impressed me, and I feel that even though I don’t like the guy, all of you should deserve to hear these Deep Dub bangers.

    That’s right folks, you read that right, Deep Dub bangers. The Ringwood producer is know for his knack and talent in creating high velocity, heavy hitting singles that often feature strange sounds that you would find in your average 80s cartoon. But his newest creations, Salt and Pepper showcase a complete 360 in what you would expect from your average Dubloadz tune. These new creations are completely underground, and I feel that the whole world deserves to hear this strange style from the Disciple Recordings producer. Turn up the bass if you want the best experience with these tunas. Which one do you find yourself using more, Salt, or Pepper?



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