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[Dubstep Banger Alert] Ponicz – Better Dayz

This man is one percent hundred percent animal when it comes to making music. We first heard of Ponicz last year when he released his debut EP on Firepower Records titled 36 Chambers. Since then he has moved on to produce hit singles such as The Record Shop Vipa collab with Barron (rest in paradise) called Flava, and Pump ThisRecently he dropped a new EP titled the Shoot Out EP which features a series of filthy, violent, dubstep bangers. Never Say Die Black Label recently posted Ponicz’ new hit Better Dayz on their Soundcloud page.

  This new single, Better Dayz, starts out with a slow mysterious pattern that soon features some claps and a eerie voice chanting “Back to Better Dayz.” Before you know it,  the songs lead into a nasty, utterly intensifying drop that made our toaster waffles pop out sooner than expected. Thanks a lot Ponicz, your sick beats gave us some undercooked waffles. Stream the new single from Ponicz’ Shoot Out EP, below. ALSO, you can Support Ponicz Purchase the Shoot Out EP Here!and

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