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ECTO’s Got the Sauce [Three New Tunes Await]

      Calling all intergalactic overlords and space wizards, we have a very special track to share with all of you today! The Saskatchewan based producer known as ECTO has projected his appreciation for the Dark Side of the Force in the most sinister and artistic way possible: with a wonky, new Dubstep trapped out banger that is sure to have you groovin! I know I speak for many active members of the Galactic Federation when I say that there can never be too many Star Wars themed Dubstep songs. And if you know anything about ECTO, it’s that he loves to craft tunes based off exciting video game and movie culture that a lot headbangers and wobble worms are familiar with (see bangers “Mortal Kombat” and Boo“).

But ECTO has decided to take a wonkier and stranger path than many of the Star Wars themed tunes I’ve heard by artists such as Da Force, Woodlock, or Jam P R D. If you’re a fan of the wubs, wavin’ your fingers around like a blasta, and bouncing around like Mr. Wobble, then you will certainly enjoy the wicked and diabolical nature of ECTO’s newest banger, “Sidious”. And if you’re a dj or even just a collector of music, be sure to hit that free download today!

Bonus music! It would be such a shame on my end if I didn’t share the new super collab that ECTO just created with his Warrior brothers in arms, Saunter and WARNED. If you’re looking for that dastardly flow and true pungent Riddim vibe, then you will absolutely love their newest tune “Vanguard”. Enjoy!


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Someone Get ECTO Some Water Cause This Man’s On Fire!

– Zyven

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