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Effin Empties Dirty Laundry W/ Monstrous EP

Before the release of his unarguably massive project through the infamous dubstep label Never Say Die, Effin had already managed to establish a significant following within the electronic community. With countless remix’s and original tracks released over the span of just one year, most boasting upwards of 30-50k streams, the Los Angeles producer has quickly proven his aptitude for quenching the eardrums of filth-hungry bassheads and music lovers alike. Discovering the artist during the beginning of his career while his discography had been predominantly trap focused I- even though it hadn’t particularly been my taste at the time- couldn’t ignore his unique, and vastly talented musical ability, and made it a point to keep my ears open for him in the future.

With the release of his track “Rabid, I finally got something I could grip on to. I then began following the young producer in earnest and was continuously impressed with his vastly diverse, creative, and high quality production. I could genuinely hear his dedication to mastering the delivery of his sound, and it became more wildly evident with each release.

Fast forward to 7 days ago, and we find the source of the business for which I write. It is with great pleasure that I bring to your attention what is in my opinion some of Effin’s most incredible work to date. I give you, “Operate“. 

Quite literally ripping me from my Dubstep hibernation, Effin has successfully awakened my love and adoration for absurdly preposterous filth. What makes this project (and Effin) so special is not only his premier sound design, but also his ability to deliver that vast array of putrid noise with a legitimate musical purpose and the type of energy that you absolutely cannot help but flip a table to.

In order to explain why I feel this artist is currently one of the highest quality producers in the game, I would like to clarify something about my use of the word “filth“. First of all, when I am listening to music, no matter if I’m in the ‘I want to rip someone’s head off‘ mood or not, I do not ever enjoy Dubstep that either; A. is simply just noise, or B. HURTS MY EARHOLES. Call me old, call me a wimp, but in my specific opinion as a listener, there isn’t an excuse for your music to legitimately make my ears ache. In Effin’s case, he fantastically exemplifies the GOOD type of filth. He gets right to the brink of disgusting, but his mix and master is so dang gorgeous and crisp that IT Doesn’t ACTUALLY HURT YOUR EARS. It should, but it doesn’t. Crazy concept right?

Standing on the deliciously heavy drops alone, I would support this project without hesitation. The thing is, Effin’s talent doesn’t simply end with sound design. Setting himself apart from many of the current acts in Dubstep, he delivers his spells of savagery alongside harmonic progression and rhythmic delicatessen that actually provides a foundation for the entire project as a whole. This group of tracks has a clear, cohesive purpose, and Effin adds to that purpose in creative ways all throughout the project. Like I said before, it is clearly evident that he has spent long hours dedicating himself to the music he creates.


The final track is emotionally compelling, brilliantly produced, and perfectly embodies the emotional vision of the entire EP. “Flood” gives you this inspirational, hopeful, “there’s a huge world of possibilities out there, go and grab them by the balls” vibe, that I just can’t stop listening to. When I say that I was and still am thoroughly impressed with the entirety of this project, I truly mean it. Going between melodic artistry and mind blowing bass tirades so seamlessly, I really couldn’t have asked for more. Bravo…

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– Tristan

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