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Electric Forest Discovery: Lizzy Jane

What is the number one thing that any homie should do for a homie? Rep their hustle! When I met the Weiss boys at Weekend One of Electric Forest, I never thought I would hear them speak so adamantly about one particular Florida based up and comer that “you need to check out” stated Luke and Josh, as they grabbed me by the arms and practically shook me down to pull up my SoundCloud page to follow their friend Lizzy Jane.

This girl is going so far, so fast and I absolutely love her” said younger brother Josh, who looked at his brother Luke in the eyes and asked if he wrote down Lizzy Jane in my book. Don’t just ask for phone numbers folks, hit them with that underground local musicians question and you’d be surprised by the talent that you can discover. To keep it short and simple, Lizzy Jane is a gorgeous, topshelf performer from the Orlando area who absolutely loves mixing music for her friends and supporters. She’s a resident DJ at the Ritz Ybor, and her mixes will put you in a trance.

As a matter of fact, my buddy Tristan just caught a special performance from Jane at an all female DJ show, and he said that she absolutely stole the show away. Keep up the good work Lizzy Jane! The people are watching, and they certainly like what they see!

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