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Electric Forest Discovery: The Dropout

How often do you make a new friend who openly talks about dropping out of high school in tenth grade? It was about a quarter past three in the morning when I crossed paths with this tall, slightly built kid sporting a massive white cape that spelled “The Dropout” in all its glory. My encounter with Andrew Ficker was short, but you know what Riley Freeman once told his grandad – “real recognize real grandad!” and this statement couldn’t have been any truer. If only Andrew and I got a matching Dropout and Riddim Professor photo.. But who is The Dropout?

It’s currently 7:48 in the morning and yet again, someone from Detroit finds another way to impress me. Except this time, it isn’t the charm that the beautiful Moldovan sisters pinned up against me, or the absolute swag that my newest friends Rachel and Hailee drew me in with on my eight hour excursion throughout the forest, no – its the sheer, raw and flavorful talent that the Dropout has put forth into crafting his sound. This kid is a world class musician, and after exploring different tunes from his vast Spotify and SoundCloud collection, I’m sure that you’ll find yourself in agreement!

     I don’t want to speak too much on Andrew’s musical talents because I want you to have the same musical discovery experience that I had. But I’ll put it to you like this – the Dropout plays the saxophone, produces his own music, takes advantage of looping features, and has a voice of liquid gold. My top recommendations are “Vitamin D,” “Old Parts New Beginning,” “Flying With Colors” and pretty much anything else that this kid has put out online, because his music is f u e g o. Andrew, you will go far my friend! Now about that search engine optimization advice… 🙂

Be sure to give The Dropout a Like on Facebook if you like what he does! Never give up on your dreams people, the city of Detroit is a glorious example of the art that can be achieved if you just BELIEVE.

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