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The Charlotte Sessions DJs Of The Day (0012): Ephwurd

What The Eph?

Protohype snuck in and posed.

    What do you get when you take a raw, bass poppin’, neck wrenchin’, firepower swangin’ producer like Kelowna British Columbia’s Datsik and the carefully, crafted, club killin’ LA producer Bais Haus?

You get something dirty; soething like a 4th grader saying fuck in English class. You get the new super collab called group that IS Ephwurd. What do you usually think of when someone ask you to pass them the aux chord to play some Datsik? Dubstep right? And Bais Haus would be doing some Ibiza 28+ nightclub stuff right?


     Well Ephwurd is pretty much a mesh of the two with plenty of added bass. Since the beginning of Summer they’ve released five songs on their Soundcloud, here’s one of our favorites below. We dig the new project; you have our support. Now go home and tell your parents about the new Ephwurd.

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–   Zyven


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