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South American Producer, EVOID, Deals Deadly Doses of Bass on New Single – “Gang”

    I can’t remember the last time that I’ve watched a video of someone reviewing a musician’s newest project – the first person that comes to mind is Anthony Fantano, the Internet’s Busiest Music Nerd. But as I scrolled through Zuck’s dreadfully addicting social media app, for what felt like a century, I stumbled upon an itchy play button that revealed a few familiar faces of the Riddim scene doing a live stream. Essentially, users in the chatroom would send a track to Rilla to be reviewed at some point in the live stream. There may have also been some alcohol involved. But my friends, let me tell you about the absolute gem of a tune that I just discovered while watching this live stream. It’s the type of tune that can hype anyone’s mood in a heartbeat.

  The friends he grew up with call him Joaquin, but my friends and the robots I encounter at Riddim shows like to call him EVOID – some even go as for to say that EVOID isn’t from this Earth. But since scientists haven’t officially declared him as an alien, he is proud to show off his delicately infectious sounds as citizen of Argentina. While his fists rattle through the air, the sound waves created by his rambunctious tunes rattle through your whole body, it’s the way things work when you’re at an EVOID show. Recently, the Buenos Aires native put out a filthy new single titled “Gang” that had me grabbing my mom’s shoulder and screaming in shock as I heard the drop for the very first time. My energy was out the roof from the second I heard the Travis Scott sample. I’m very thankful for the guys over at Modern Age Dubstep (Rilla, Benzmixer, Panda, & SLEEJ) for putting together this show, and allowing me to discover this filthy EVOID tune, among other heavy hitters hiding in the depths of the internet. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll click play on that little orange button below. And if you happen to survive after that tune, be sure to listen to “Tauren Weed” as well. Enjoy your new EVOID discovery, I know I sure am!

Tauren Weed”

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