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EVVDE Takes Us Through The Gates of Hell On the New CONDEMNED EP

Welcome to EVVDE, your playlist’s worst nightmare. Beware my friends, this new artist I’m about to show you isn’t for the feint heart. But for those of you ready to experience a colossal project that will surely rattle your speakers in the best way possible, I welcome you to the CONDEMNED EP, a four track story that gives us a true look at the mind of a madman from Boston. Little did I know I was in store for a very special surprise when I read the name Anthony Garduño at the top of an unopened message one day. He’s a friend from the other side of the country who is always looking out for the Charlotte Sessions.
Needless to say, this headbanger connected me with a kind soul named Jacob, who was very excited and eager to show me unique, fresh EP crafted by a heavyweight producer known as EVVDE. Music makes the world go around, but EVVDE is here to cause a little strife and terror along the way. The CONDEMNED EP is nothing short of a deadly concoction of sound waves that carry the perfect amount of rhythm to keep you bouncing, thrashing, and moshing everywhere you go.

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What they say is true, the opening track of any project has to go harder than granite – in this case, it’s the perfect way of showing listeners that they’re in store for a whirlwind of dangerous surprises. The opening track, “Condemned“, kicks off with a distressed news warning from a doomed anchorman somewhere in the woods of Western Massachussets. He’s obviously searching for some kind of demon that must have escaped from the wrath of Lucifer without him knowing – all of the sudden, a preacher walks into the shot and screams “By the power of God, I condemn you back to hell.” You’ll have to hit that play button below to experience the wild drop that EVVDE has put out into this world.

Something incredible is to be said about folks from Massachusetts – the amount of creativity and energy that they pour into their art never ceases to amaze me. If you google the term seventh son, you will discover that it is a man with unmatched power who was also born from a seventh son. For the sake of humanity, I cannot confirm nor deny whether EVVDE is truly the “Seventh Son“, but I can comfortably say that he has honed the power of darkness and fully embedded it throughout the second track of this insatiable project. The robotic and technological elements, mixed in with a beautiful selection of piano notes and a slight vocal sample of Subfiltronik’s adaption of BX748‘s “Come With the Chune“, makes “Seventh Son” one of my favorite chunes of the EP.
Do you think EVVDE is at all capable of slowing down his thirst for 140 BPM blood? Our brother from the Hub of the Universe has an innate ability for setting an evil and sinister mood for fans of the Dubstep genre. Down to 87 beats per minute, EVVDE takes a completely different approach to his track “Ritual.” If you’re a fan of sneaky snares, creepy keys, and ticking clocks, then this Trap style banger is the perfect choice for you.

It seems like there’s some heavy conflict taking place in the soul of a man named Nazarene – this pain and distrust has inspired the demonic sounds that build up the final track of the wretchedly well crafted CONDEMNED EP. The soliloquy that “Nazarene” recites is somewhat morbid and thought provoking, but like I said in the beginning, this project was not made for the feint of heart. Throw your Dubstep claws up, EVVDE is coming for you.

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– Zyven

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