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Excision and Illenium Break the Bass Barrier with New Single “Gold”

   The moment that we’ve all been waiting for has finally come…the bass barrier has been broken and all I want to do is simultaneously head-bang and cry in my room. A world where Illenials and T-Rex’s come together and become one has finally happened – and yes that means new music! Excision and Illenium released “Gold (Stupid Love)” today after teasing us for the past few months and it’s everything we could’ve asked for and more. The dramatic lyrics and pre-drop only prepares us so much for the heart-wrenching bass that comes after. Not to mention that lyrically, it almost reminds me of Excision’s most famous track Drowning which talks about standing in the fire to feel alive. In “Gold (Stupid Love)” during chorus two it says, “Do I walk on the cut glass? Do I run through the forest? Do I stand in the fire? Or do I hide from this moment?” And let me tell you, I would gladly jump in that fire with gasoline soaked throughout my whole body. To say I’m jealous of everyone at EDC and Camp Bisco that got to experience this unreleased masterpice for the first time would be an understatement. Not to mention Excision also recently put out Illenium’s official set from Lost Lands 2017 about a month ago, giving us the sign we didn’t even know we needed until it hit us straight in the stank face. During the set, Illenium announces that he’s going to throw the heaviest shit he’s ever made, and who knew that would result in a collaboration between him and the king, almost a year later. I’m loving this beautiful combination of Dubstep and Future Bass, and something tells me that it’s only the beginning. Stay tuned this festival season for more collabs and X’s soon to be released new album!

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