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   Recently, I had the opportunity to catch the West Coast, Canadian Dusbtep monster known as Excision at this year’s edition of Shaky Beats Music Festival. Located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, Shaky Beats featured a great variety of artists ranging from Minnesota, to Wolfgang Gardner, to Shiba San, which thousands of festiheads were able to enjoy, as they moved and grooved to the sound of different Bass Music genres. Even though I only attended Saturday (Excision Day) I have comfortably chosen my favorite moment of the entire experience. As many of you know, Excision has only collaborated with the California super producer, Bassnectar, once in past times; their track “Put It Down” which appeared on the 2013 Destroid (Excision, Downlink, and KJ Sawka’s joint project) album The Invasion. But to my surprise, Excision took one of Nectar’s most popular songs, titled What featuring the Colorado based killer Jantsen, remixed it, and added in a disgusting Riddim banger by the infamous UK based producer, Subfiltronik, known as “Psycho Blockz” to create a massive edit for anyone who was wise enough to make the trek to Georgia to witness this special performance. While I didn’t get a very long video of the crazy edit, I still managed to grab a quick clip to share with the lot of you. Hit that play button, enjoy this history shifting moment, and let your friends know that Excision is indeed, a supporter of the Riddim.

EDIT: According to my buddy Scotty, this is Bear Grillz’ unreleased remix of “What.” Who wants to jump in on this one and give us a third opinion?

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