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   The day has finally come ladies and gentlemen. I feel like Christmas came early because Poppa X just gave us the greatest present that any Lost Lander could ever ask for. Well, aside from the day that Excision drops the 2018 Lost Lands line up, (or at least dropping phases every three months, which would be a great idea..) the Kelowna based producer has taken it upon himself to release his jaw clenching, fist popping, neck cranking, coma inducing set from this year’s Lost Lands Music Festival. For those of you who got spiritual and felt a great part of your life change because of Lost Lands, grab your tissues, because this mix brings back a lot of great memories from the mystical three day Bass Music paradise.

    If you were part of the 30,000+ attendants that visited this festival, then you know about the multiple Excision sets that took place throughout the weekend. While his Sunday afternoon Detox Set was one of the greatest sets I’ve ever heard, his main performance on Friday September 29th took the cake. Excision featured a variety of hits from artists like Ivory, Eh!de, Datsik, Monxx, He$h, Zomboy, Flux Pavilion, among a great list of so many other incredible producers, at times it was really overwhelming absorbing so much firepower in such short time. Gear up for this 80 minute mix folks, because it’s sure to get you energized and motivated to take on any task. You experienced a lot of festivals this year, but if you’re amongs those who agree that Lost Lands was the greatest festival of 2017, then you know how motivated you felt once you left Legend Valley. It was great hearing some familiar tracks that I’ve written about in the past, such as He$hMike Tyson,12th Planet’s collab with ZomboyDead Presidents.” This mix is filled with gems that should be played out more often than they are. But as a great man once said “Real recognize real.” Also, we found this track list that shows every drop at the exact time it takes place in the mix. You’re welcome 🙂

Excision ain’t no joke folks, the Headbanger generation is just getting started.

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