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     You all thought this day would never come, did you? After an exhilarating two year run with some of the most memorable production to date, The Human Robotic Dinosaur has not only conquered both the Executioner and Paradox Tour, he has released incredible albums to compliment the pair of tours.

Codename X was the theme of 2015. But the Kelowna, British Columbia artist isn’t quite through making music just yet. Today, ladies and gentlemen, today marks a new day in history, as the one and only Excision has finally released his latest work of art, titled VIRUS. Recently he’s been playing his track “Throwin Elbows” just about everywhere. And ever since we heard it for the first time at Imagine Festival, we naturally freaked the hell out. Now the album is finally here.

     X just put out a album reel on his Soundcloud. So if you want a taste of what this album has to offer, check out the preview below. Have you heard any of these live in the past 10 months? I would be surprised if your answer was no. Support your local Dinosaur, and buy Virus HERE today. 

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