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ICYMI: Excision & Space Laces “Rumble” Is Everything a Headbanger Needs

   It is well past time that I create a personal testament as to how Excision’s latest release known as “Rumble“, co-produced with the one of X’s favorite collaborators, Space Laces. Every time I hear this new creation, I feel like I just hit my number at the Casino where the immediate instinct is to celebrate and lose your absolutely sh*t. For months, headbangers across the globe have been teased with the aggressive nature of “the new Excision song” that features a slow, heaven like introduction where a soothing foreign voice sings a lovely line before letting Excision and Space Laces bump up the BPM, bring in the ninja swords, and imminent feeling of doom before a voice shouts “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble.” The song is packed with a variety of strange sounds, parts and pieces that almost make the track seem like a puzzle. Keep an ear out for the wonky tire screeches at 2:20 if you want to know what sits best with this weird brain of mine. I’m very glad that I’ve had the opportunity to catch this massive single live a few times now, the most recent occasion being at the second day of Atlanta’s Shaky Beats Music Festival earlier this month. Excision rocked the crowd from every corner of Centennial Park once he unleashed “Rumble” in the sky – the East Coast was never the same. Where will you catch the Dubstep veteran next? If the answer is Camp Bisco Music Festival, I shall see you there!

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