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Executioner Dubs Is a Fuzzy Cuntinously Infuriating Monarch

Violence. Terror. And death. These are the words that come to mind whenever I first discovered a producer who goes by the name of Executioner. Like his dark and twisted moniker, this young and dangerous creator has managed to project what it truly means to be an executioner into his diabolical sound. This short story is more of an effort to raise awareness for those of you who are looking for that weird, new, angry, meme loving Dubstep artist to keep under your radar.

Executioner, known as Jordan McCloud by a few rare beings on this planet, shares a similar vision with artists like Svdden Death, Akira, and OG Nixin. I can’t think of many artists who would throw the word CUNT in their song title – but this don’t give a fuck attitude is exactly what we need in this wretchedly gruesome scene of ours. If you listen to “CUNT FUZZ” carefully from start to finish, you can hear the underlying love story of a demon who mistakenly falls in love with his favorite torture victim. Or maybe I’m just crazy… Thank your for the obscure energy Executioner! Be sure to check out his relaxing, technological, mind altering project, Avoidance – you won’t be sorry!

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– Zyven

One Comment

  1. Cody Cordova Cody Cordova August 19, 2019

    Executioner is a fucking monster! His music makes me want to yeet myself into the oblivion.

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