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Exploring NYC Producer REACH [Crunchy New Single]

 Is your soul searching for some filthy new Bass music to fulfill all the gnarly moments that you’re set to experience today? We all need a few theme songs in our life – and while your search may be long and perilous, I want to point you in the right direction with a special new single that me blew me away from the second I heard the snare kick in. On a recent SoundCloud expedition, I managed to discover a vastly diverse producer from New York City who goes by the name of Reach. After exploring his collection of releases, it seems that Reach has a true talent for creating whatever sound his soul feels like making. From spicy Moombahton to heavy hitting Trap, there’s no telling what Reach is truly capable of creating. But the particular tune that I want to talk about today is a special experimental Dub banger designed for those Saturday nights where you’re about to hit town with your crew. There are so many unique elements that give this song that feeling of absolute power and slappery. If you have an abundant amount of energy to burn, and you’re ready to explore a new funky side of Bass music, then I heavily suggest hitting that play button below. Also.. Beware the second drop. Reach… You’re a madman!

     I really appreciate the honest comment at the bottom of Reach’s description for this new tune: “I don’t endorse lean, I just liked the vocals, don’t do drugs kids!” Be smart and be safe! 2019 is just getting started and we have a lot of experiences left ahead of us this year! Also, here’s an explosive bonus Reach tune that I really enjoyed – I can tell it was made special for all the headbangers across the globe. I hope you all like it too! Click play below to jam out to Reach & Jupe on their collaborative single “Beast”!

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