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Review: Far from the Trees Tour with Yheti, DMVU, and Toadface in Charlottesville, VA

      On a spontaneous Thursday evening I took a ride through my home state, filled with nothing but joy and excitement. Recently, I was placed on one of  Richmond’s top promo group, The Bassment, and they were hosting the “Far from the Trees” tour at an exceptionally intimate venue in Charlottesville, Virginia. Not only was this the first time I would get to experience the wonky ways of Yheti, DMVU, and Toadface, but it was Tyler Yheti’s first time playing in Virginia. . . ever! The possibilities of such an event were endless, and I could not have felt more anxiety than I did as my friend and I parked the Subaru a block down from the venue. Not to mention, this show was being co-hosted by The Untz, another great promotional company known for putting on great events!          

  As I walked into Club R2, the intimacy of the atmosphere immediately blew me away. I’ve been to plenty of cool spots for shows in the past, but this venue was entirely mind boggling. The walls contained visual projections on not one, but three sides of the venue! There was also an upstairs lounge with seating for anyone who needed to take a breather from the fire that was going down on the dance floor. Multicolored lasers stretched across the ceiling, and the energy of the crowd was growing by the second. I knew the moment I walked through those doors that this building was about to be melted into the next dimension due to its small size and, more importantly, packed house. I thought I was prepared for a wobbly time, but I underestimated the wrath these three boss producers were prepared to unleash.

     Straight out of the swamp, Toadface creeped up on staged to begin his set, and he wasted no time with bringing the womp-womps to life. He had the people moving in such fluid motion right from the start! Girls with purple and blue hair began pulling people into the dancefloor encouraging the idea to graze each other’s bodies. I found myself three-quarters of the way back, and to the left, so the bass could ricochet off the wall and hit me full force. I found myself bobbing my head as Wonky Mirror” filled the room. He even included the crowd’s reaction within his set—making it even more personal than I could have hoped to anticipate. As he blended his vibes with his version of Yheti’sBrain Waves.” He also threw down a personal favorite titled, Sobernaut,” into his strange and intricate set. I lost control of myself – at that point it’s best to just let the music do you away.


     Between Toadface’s and DMVU’s sets I had the opportunity to speak with Matt (DMVU) about his traveling experiences. Matt is a Colorado native and expressed how culturally different the east coast is to the mid-west. It was a special day because it was also his first time visiting Charlottesville. ‘Twas nice hearing him commend the layout of R2, and boy is Matt is a character for sure! (Like I’m talking he could be a real-life cartoon character) The humor and wit he expressed while hanging with my friends and I gave the impression we were homies months prior to the show. Laughter and friendship blossomed within a mere ten-minute conversation among fellow bassheads. (what a community to be a part of, right?!)

     As he began his set, DMVU swiftly brought forth exactly what the crowd was searching for, Bass. In fact, he remixed so much Dirt Monkey, that the crowd was left squatting on their knees with wobbles. DMVU took control of my molecules during his ridiculous set, and just when I thought it couldn’t get any more personal, he dropped “Blood Brother” by the infamous Zeds Dead. Anyone that knows me understands that Zeds Dead holds a special place in my heart, so for DMVU to drop their newest single blew me away. I found myself singing along as loud as my little lungs could go, and even Matt himself was feeling his version of the song so much he was swaying to-and-fro.

     As DMVU came to a closing point of his set, Yheti came on stage and began prepping for his performance. The anticipation to see him perform cut deep to my core. He started off his set with an introduction of himself and explained how hype he was to be performing in such an awesome venue for such an intimate crowd. . . and then the wobbles began. The creepiness in his sound melted my insides right from the get-go. He started the set with his hair in a bun, but then pulled it down so he could maneuver his neck in unison with the crowd. He went from song to song with such intensity; such vigor; such variety. The way he tweaked the bass manipulated my mind–metaphorically speaking— into tapioca. He dropped so many of my favorites within the first twenty minutes! He made a personal shout-out to Liquid Stranger as he played his version of “Get Well Soon Aaron,” and when he dropped that banger the crowd lost it. Ultimately, what surprised me most, is when he dropped Bleep Bloop’sK-9 Unit!” My crew and I immediately starting rapping along to the lyrics, and I felt so in-sync with the music. Yheti came to Charlottesville to throw down, and boy did he throw down!


     The show itself was phenomenal from start to finish. And to think, I almost decided against going since that I had an early class the next day, but looking back on the event I am so thankful I went anyways. I highly recommend you see all three of these performers at least once in your lifetime, for you won’t be disappointed!!


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  1. mark mark October 15, 2017

    This show was amazing! Huuuuge ups to the UNTZ for continuing to bring cville top talent of the bass scene. Honestly, having the UNTZ’s attention on this little town is a miracle. Thanks also to Bassment for providing promotional support and Ethan Glass’ amazing set. Oh and that EBISU b3b opening with, Sunrizen, and Chamelyon was tip top notch! Visually, Lysergicat out did himself again with combining cartoons and melting fractals while Doc Jim made sure the side walls were busy tripping out

    • Skylar Trent Skylar Trent Post author | October 16, 2017

      So glad to know that you enjoyed it as much as I did! I’m super excited to see more events at club R2, and yes the visual artists were sensational! it was like an EDM rubix cube in that venue 10/10! Thank you for your positivity Mark, and enjoy the rest of your day!


      • Mark Mark October 20, 2017

        Tbh, the venue was the only thing I didn’t like about the show. Too small and lacking a unique personality. That’s cville for ya, tho. Again big ups to the untz for bringing yheti n fam together for this.

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