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[Festival Announcement] You Can’t Miss Scranton’s Camp Bisco Music Festival

    How many artists can you name off the top of your head who have garnered enough interest to put together an entire music festival? If Excision, the Disco Biscuits and J. Cole were the first artists who came to mind, then you and I have something fun to talk about to. As many of you know, the annual Camp Bisco Music Festival is right around the corner, and to be completely truthful will of you Bisco experts, we can’t wait to experience this four three day camping event that’s been taking place in Pennsylvania since 1999.

    Fans from all over the world are gathering at the Montage Mountain Ski Resort in Scranton on the weekend of July 14th to experience a variety of live musical acts, ranging from Bassnectar, Excision and Yheti to Sunsquabi, Ghostface Killa, Liquid Stranger, Tipper & DJ Jazzy Jeff. But Camp Bisco has so much more to offer than just those incredible headliners mentioned above.

     Every year, fans get to experience six uniqule crafted performance by the Disco Biscuits, the original band who put together this festival back in 1998; according to close friend, each set that the Biscuits craft throughout the weekend carry different themes and tell different stories.

While I have heard a few crazy stories about a lengthy arrival process at Bisco, the festival promoters have taken the time to make the process a lot more efficient by bringing in 3x the amount of buses, trailers specifically  for camper’s luggage and gear, to allow for more people to fit in the buses, and direct transportation to the camp site. Not to mention there will be parking lot DJs to keep us entertained while we wait! Now let’s check out that lineup and see what kind of Bisco shenanigans we can get into.

    So out of all those names, who got you riled up and excited for this Scranton experience? Get those corny pickup lines from The Office ready folks, because this is bound to be a glorious weekend. While there are several heavy hitting acts that I’ve seen in the past, names like Tauk, Desert Dwellers, Flamingosis, Anna Lunoe, Oliver Tree, Lotus, and of course, The Disco Biscuits, are just a few of the performers and bands that I want to catch at this year’s Camp Bisco. The fact that this festival features such a large variety of Electronic Music and Jam band acts, sprinkled with just a little Hip-Hop, really makes this Pennsylvania Paradise worth checking out.

   According to a few friends who have been to Bisco in the past, the Mountain features a water-park that fans can take advantage of whenever things get hot. And since it’s at a ski resort, apparently some of the log cabins have snacks and desserts for sale. If you’re not a fan of festival food, maybe a weekend full of junk food will keep you going. I’m thoroughly excited to check out the various stages of live music, and how the festival organizers plan to decorate this musical haven.

    Don’t forget to bring your camping essentials like water, sunscreen, baby wipes, a tent or enoo, toilet paper, trash bags, and all the cookables you can imagine. I usually bring a few pounds of chicken wings and a some burger meat to most festivals I attend, just because I know that cooking is a lot more fun than spending an arm and a leg on a tiny sandwich. But for those of you who enjoy the glory of a fat classic cheeseburger from Wisconsin, or some pita wraps from Florida, Bisco is sure to have a plethora of food trucks for you’re liking. I’m also looking forward to seeing all the vendors around Montage Mountain, who will be showing off their fancy pins, heady gear and other fancy festival accessories. How about washing yourselves after a long day of raging? There will be free outdoor showers and indoor showers available for $5. Don’t forget folks, Bisco is an 18+ festival!

    We’re less than three short months away from the madness folks! If you want to find me at the festival, look out for a white lab coat that reads “Riddim Professor” on the back. There’s a 9/10 chance that I’ll have some stickers or a goodie bag for you! Spread the joy and cheer that festival season brings along folks! See you all at Montage Mountain on July 12th. Feel free to tune back to this post for more updates between now and the day of the festival!

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