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[Festival Announcement] What You Need to Know about Big Dub Music Festival

The hype is real. Gear up folks! I am very excited to share this wonderful festival news with all of you beautiful party people! It has come to my attention that the preserving ragers over at Badvss Raves have finally put out the highly anticipated lineup for their infamous Big Dub Music Festival! If you’re a fan of heavy, underground Bass music, daring East Coast vibes, top notch visual production, and throwing down on a farm, then this might be the festival for you.

     Located at the beautiful Four Quarters Farm in Artemas, Pennsylvania, Big Dub has proven to be a staple in the Northeast music festival community for over seven years now. I’ve been hearing stories about this special PA based event for a quite some time, and after taking a vow to experience new music festivals this summer, that I have yet to attend, you better believe that Big Dub has priority on this year’s “go to” list.

    Rather than bringing back their spring music festival known as Dreamscape Music Festival (Read our 2017 Review Here), Badvss Raves has decided to focus all of their time and energy on their summer Big Dub shindig and their Halloween terror fest known as Nightmare Music Festival. While the news about Dreamscape was a little disheartening, I can’t really complain about Badvss’ motives after taking a look at this year’s lineup for Big Dub. Take a seat folks, because this doozy of a list will surely have you itching in your boots until the the week of July 29th when the festival kicks into gear. 

  Let’s face it, this lineup is stacked. While there are several amazing acts that I’ve experienced in the past, such as Digital Ethos, Kai Wachi, Downlink, Dirt Monkey, Subtronics, and Monxx, there are also several performed on this list that I have yet to see who are really drawing my attention. I’m very stoked for the opportunity to finally experience CloZee, Ivy Lab, Stabby, CharlestheFirst, SoDown, and Modestep for the very first time. Who are you looking forward to seeing?

  Big Dub seems to be a massive concoction of weird deep bass, heavy artillery Dubstep, wonky Bass, and experimental dubs. The fact that Caspa is one of the two main headliners for the weekend is exciting enough, but patrons also get to experience some Kannibalen Records madness with Dabin and Apashe, a little bit of Drum N Bass action with Black Sun Empire, the deep, curious, and mystical vibes of Thelem, and nasty, over the top style that New Jersey’s Dubloadz will bring to the table

And who can forget the smaller names at the bottom? I’m excited to check out rising artists like Be.IN, Essonite, Smokestax, Scalar Theorem and the Baltimore homie, McWavy, who is sure to turn Four Quarters Farm into a deep, sexy jungle with her incredible saxophone skills. By the way, this whole lineup is only part of phase one. More artists are set to be announced!

      Big Dub also features several special amenities which make this festival a no brainer for all true to heart, high spirited festiheads. The weekend’s freaky vibes are imminent, as astronomers are calling for a full moon throughout the entire week of the festival. This festival will last four full days, with music shaking your bones till the early morning (4 am). It seems like decorations are a huge center of focus for Big Dub, as there will be creatively built hangout areas for guests to relax. Big Dubbers will also get to experience daily yoga & meditation events, swimming hole parties, nightly drum circles, a Silent Disco, professional fireworks, live painting and an art gallery, learning workshops, interactive seminars and countless other activities set up by Big Dubbers at special theme camps! Needless to say, Pennsylvania won’t ever be the same after we hit up this year’s Big Dub Music Festival. You can find me roaming around in a white lab coat that says “Riddim Professor” on the back! Come find me, say hey, and trade some Kandi or stickers with me. I’ll see you all at the Farm in late July! Click this Link to Purchase Tickets to Big Dub!

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