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The Finest Producers of North Carolina: Makak

The other day I found myself walking to the beach with a big smile on my face. I was happy to be alive, even with all the craziness happening around the world lately. I asked my friends for some Deep Dubstep recommendations because that was the kind of vibe I was feeling on that beautiful Sujday. Leave it up to my Dubstep brother, Jordan Castle, to come through with exactly the kind of tune that I wanted to hear that day.

But that was nearly a week ago. Today is the first day that the beaches of Pinellas county are closed. But after I dropped my buddy off at work, I decided to walk east so I could see some new parts of Treasure Island. As I was crossing the bridge to Madeira Beach, I wound up finding a little pier and a patch of sand that had a few fisherman enjoying themselves, at a safe distance of course. *Cue Makak*

There’s a tall man with a head of shiny blonde hair from the distant shores of eastern North Carolina who was responsible for creating my new favorite Deep banger. But first, I have to give a lot of props to Makak for working so hard with the local Wilmington community to bring forth a load of great shows to the area. Other folks like Dredlok, Froggy P and Psynatra deserve recognition for their hard work in the community as well. Now back to the single. “R U” is a testament to that old school dub sound that we all discovered at the beginning of our Electronic musical journey. The rasta vibes are definitely present. Somehow it feels like I’m sprawled out on a beach in Montego Bay sipping on a Red Stripe. I like the ominous wind chimes that fill up the background as some unknown man occasionally shouts out “Are You” and “Soundboy” with an echo. The perfect dub for a Saturday in Florida.

If you want some of that zesty Deep Dub but with a much wonkier feel, check out this special tune called “What’s Old is New Again.” From the moment the first beat made itself present, I could tell that this tune was an absolute banger. I’m glad Jordan encouraged me to check out Makak’s newest creation because it just launched me into a wormhole of tunes that I’m going to enjoy for the foreseeable future. Much love to the soundbender of the hour, Bobby, you are a true wizard, sir. Thank you for making me feel like I’m really not too far from NC!

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– Zyven (The Riddim Professor)

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