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Canadian Killers FLIX & MOTUS Are Back at It Again With New D&B Tune [BONUS Tracks Inside]

 The newest members of the Monsters crew are back at it again as with some firey hot new singles that are worth sharing. The Quebec City madman known by FLIX has paired up with his long time friend in the Underground Bass Music scene, the one and only MOTUS from Sherebrooke, to put forth a new Drum & Bass heater called “BRING IT.” I was a little surprised to hear the boys dive into the genre so cleanly, since they’re mainly known for their prominent Riddim and underground Dubstep craft. This new single might be exactly what you quick step, fist thrusting D&B lovers are looking for.

 FLIX & Motus also managed to create a heavy Dub heater titled “Force Field” which starts off with a slow, impending lazer covered ensemble that quickly meets its hi-hat cousin for a swampy journey into the pits of the Dubstep underworld. I’m sure these boys dropped some of these new singles during their recent Philadelphia performance at the Target Practice with JAM P R D, Codd Dubz and many other notable producers. Stay on the look out for new crunchy singles from the Canadian Monsters!

Also, I feel its necessary to share this spicy new VIP for a special tune that FLIX & MOTUS released on DirtySnatcha Promotions earlier this month. Check out this new rendition of “DESTROY EM” below!

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