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     I love that moment when a buddy asks you to check out their music, because they truly knows how much you appreciate their craft, hard work and talent! Today I find myself writing about a tremendously well crafted project by two of the most prominent members of the Monster’s Crew, FLIX and MOTUS. FLIX, hailing all the way from Quebec City, is an absolute beast at creating those wonky, lazer packed, bass heavy vibes that we live for in Charlotte. MOTUS is a dastardly producer from the far lands of Sherbrooke, the home that gave this young, avid producer the knack he has for creating gnarly Bass music. As many of you know, the two often collaborate on music behind the scenes, while bouncing off one another in a live setting as they thrown down seriously wobbly, fresh vibes all over the world. Recently, FLIX and MOTUS have partnered up to put forth their first collaborative project on the MONSTERS’ record label. Without further notice, I now present you, the Imposters EP.

As my buddy Malcom told me five years ago, “If the first song ain’t hard I won’t f*ck with it“. While I’ve never believed in that rule, I would have to tell my buddy that FLIX and MOTUS passed the test! Their introductory song, named after the EP, truly slaps. A sinister voice echoes “Do you believe you know what it is to be a Monster? You have no idea, but I’m going to show you!” – at this very moment, a biker rang his Hell bell as he quickly passed my left, which gave the filthy drop that little twist that I never expected was possible. The robotic growls are raw enough to make and old man get out of his chair and bounce. The following tune, “Bring It” makes for the perfect Jump Up heater to sneak into that filthy, wompy set you have planned for this weekend. I love it when producers include a snarky voice in their music to our attention. I think the man is saying “You can feel the bass, you can feel the vibe“, what about you?


     The third tune, “Neuron”, is a sneaky Drum N’ Bass medley that is designed to reach certain parts of your brain that you never thought existed. After three minutes of D N’ B & Chill, I feel more alert already! The final tune that completes our short journey through this new Bass filled portal called the Imposters EP is a massive lazer packed composition of pure destruction. I guarantee you will be hearing “Dextro” at a rave near you! What do you all think? Would you like to see FLIX and MOTUS in North Carolina?

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Do you have what it takes to be a Monster?

– Zyven

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